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Johnny Rotten II (Steel Pulse) By Simon Dixon from Simon Dixon

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Johnny Rotten II (Steel Pulse) By Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon was a Brighton-based artist and print maker, whose fine art pieces centred around icons of the twentieth century. Dixon's love of pop culture and deep interest in twentieth century history combine in a truly distinctive aesthetic: referencing 1960s Pop Art, his paintings are a big, bold and colourful reworking of the traditional portrait. 'Johnny Rotten II' depicts a pop-ified portrait of the eponymous Sex Pistols frontman. Against a sky-blue background, Rotten peers out of the print towards the viewer, his features reduced to the simplicity of a Julian Opie painting. An iconic work of art, Dixon has brilliantly merged cultural references, creating a modern-day print to rival Warhol's Marilyn.
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Price at art republic: £240.00 Buy online now! (Go to the art republic site for the price today.)
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