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Bunnyroma By A.CE from A.CE

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Bunnyroma By A.CE

London based artist A.CE is a big name in the UK street art scene, with his memorable, wheat-pasted images filling the urban landscape. Taking inspiration from Dada to Pop Art, collage to the classics, A.CE develops a sense of radical nostalgia, exploiting fragmentation to confound narrative expectations and to reflect the absurdism of popular culture and consumer driven society. 'Bunnyroma' comprises of a mash-up of collage elements, perfectly assembled with Pop sensitivity. A cartoon bunny combines with cowboy hat and cloak, each crafted from newspaper cut-outs. A.CE has washed the composite image in fuchsia-pink and set it against a sky-blue background, emblazoned with haphazard, black spots for an eye-catching contrast that casually evokes the work of Roy Lichtenstein.
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Price at art republic: £90.00 Buy online now! (Go to the art republic site for the price today.)
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