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Battle on Mount Atlas By Euan Roberts from Euan Roberts

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Battle on Mount Atlas By Euan Roberts

Euan Roberts is a London based artist whose work explores the unspectacular using bright, childlike colours in thick acrylic paint. His syncopated compositions explore the everyday and the ignored to reflect the unrefined nature of humanity that contemporary culture seeks to repress. 'Battle on Mount Atlas' depicts a tussle between two boxers, situated on an extinct volcanic peak in the Antarctic. As gloved fists fly in the air, a graveyard of dark crosses foreshadows a fatal conclusion, while tiny, childlike dinosaurs scamper across the print, injecting some surreality and a little light relief. By racially polarising the two fighters - one is black, the other white - Roberts raises the question of ethic antagonisms, yet the image leaves us in suspense: how will the future of the fight pan out? Will the truce last, or will aggression prevail?
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Price at art republic: £200.00 Buy online now! (Go to the art republic site for the price today.)
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