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Tears in the Rain By Tim Doyle from Tim Doyle

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Tears in the Rain By Tim Doyle

Meet Tim Doyle, contemporary illustrator, print-maker and king of 'nerd-cool'. Drawing inspiration from a life-long love of comic books and video games, Doyle creates prints of inimitable style that incorporate cultural icons - from the music industry to art-house film - into a graphic aesthetic like no other. 'Tears In The Rain' takes cult film Blade Runner and creates a beautiful print, in the detailed, illustrative style of a graphic novel. In tones of soft blue, Doyle depicts the backstreets of the busy, futuristic city, complete with neon signs, towering logos and a network of high-rise buildings. Replicant Roy Batty sits alone on the roof, his back towards the viewer, surrounded by soft plumes of smoke, as a symbolic dove takes flight from the dystopian scene. Doyle finishes the print with soft silver raindrops, to create a hazy, iridescent effect which is truly striking.
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Price at art republic: £35.00 Buy online now! (Go to the art republic site for the price today.)
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