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Battersea Power Station - Lime By Jayson Lilley from Jayson Lilley

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Battersea Power Station - Lime By Jayson Lilley

Contemporary artist Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices, incorporating painting and collage techniques into his process. His work is known for its urban and architectural focus reproducing iconic structures from the metropolis. His love of modernist, Art Deco and Brutalist architectural design is infectious, bleeding into his own work which is often stark and minimal, with strong impact: stripped back palettes - often concrete shades of grey - complement bold compositional techniques. ‘Battersea Power Station Lime’ depicts the iconic Battersea Power station, rising up against the sky. Capturing the Pop Art aesthetic of Patrick Caulfield or David Hockney, Lilley has rendered the structure in a simple palette of charcoal grey and off-white, setting it against a flat, lime-green coloured sky, for high visual impact.
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Price at art republic: £155.00 Buy online now! (Go to the art republic site for the price today.)
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